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Cooling tunnel, type POWER PLUS


For cooling all kinds of chocolates and biscuits in a number of cooling zones (even non-food products).


  • Made entirely of pearled stainless steel.
  • Bottom plates with hinges for complete cleaning.
  • Synthetic covers, white, food approved rigid foam PVC.
  • Covers can be opened completely by means of hinges.
  • Conveyor: 1-layer quality - Colour: amber, white or blue.
  • With one belt scraper and one drum scraper.
  • Adjustable stainless steel knives at either end of the tunnel.
  • Drive at the end of the tunnel.
  • Pneumatic steering mechanism at tunnel entrance and exit.
  • Adjustable belt strain (pneumatically).
  • Cooling system completely insulated and double jacketed.
  • Air or water cooled, semi-hermetic, cooling group(s).
  • Cooling gas: Freon R404A or R134A.
  • One or more evaporators each equipped with fans.
  • Evaporators can be adjusted individually by separate digital thermostats.
  • Direct or indirect convection or radiation cooling.
  • Various options.


3 phase 380-420V 50Hz or 220-240V 50/60Hz or 200V 50/60Hz.


All machines are tailor made.
Conveyor belt widths: 400, 500, 620, 820, 900, 1000, 1050, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600 mm.
Total length / length of cooled section: as required.


All over the world.

Cooling tunnel, type POWER PLUS Cooling tunnel, type POWER PLUS Cooling tunnel, type POWER PLUS Cooling tunnel, type POWER PLUS