Industrial machines

Premium flaking machine


  • To flake chocolate blocks to different thickness of flakes in different single flaking machines, which are 2 by 2 opposed to each other.
  • Normally to install on a single transport conveyor or to install on a cascade of different transport belts.


  • Stainless steel construction, pearled.
  • The total machine consists out of one total frame, without under frame.
  • The flakes will be available at the underside of the machine.
  • Flaking directly at the blocks themselves by a rotating movement by means of a single or multiple knife.
  • Production level according to the thickness of the flakes.
  • Flake thickness is adjustable.
  • The knives can be easily replaced.
  • Automatic and accelerated return.
  • Inbuilt security on knives.
  • With a main switch and emergency stop valve.
  • Consistency in quality.


3 phase 380-420V 50Hz or 220-240V 60Hz or 200V 50/60Hz.


On demand.


All machines are tailor-made.


All over the world.