Industrial machines

Turbo block flaker (cocoa)


  • To flake big industrial chocolate blocks or 8 individual blocks of 5 kg each (40 kg in 5 min).
  • This machine could also be used for cacao butter blocks or other vegetable and/or animal fats (20-25 kg in 2.5 min)
  • Flaking is possible to different thicknesses and lengths.
  • For decorative flakes or obtain flakes ‘quick to melt’.


  • Stainless steel construction, robust execution, slightly pearled.
  • Transparent cover for safety and hygiene.
  • Machine equipped with 4 heavy-duty castors with brake.
  • Flakes directly at the blocks themselves, by means of a rotating movement
  • The block(s) will not be in contact with any oily or greasy substances.
  • Features two anti-static collection bins for the collection of flakes.
  • Completely automatic, with automatic and accelerated return.
  • Separate motor for drive and knife (pushing blocks and rotating knives).
  • The speed of both motors can be regulated by potentiometers.


400V 3ph 50HZ / 220 V 3ph 60 Hz


  • Different knives are available, to produce flakes of different lengths
  • Connection to a Prefamac melting kettle, quick melter or Giraffe-transport belt can be offered.


Height 1360 mm, Length 1850 mm, Width 700 mm, Weight 420 kg


  • Easy cleaning procedures.
  • All controls are easily accessible.


New machine - but already 30 years of flaking experience (and 100 exporting countries) via various types of flaking machines.

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