Hollow figures with the warming tunnel

The known secrets for shiny hollow figures with a long shelf life are optimally tempered chocolate and good quality of chocolate moulds. Also the cooling process, the cooling tunnel, is very important so that the beta-5 crystals can be formed.
And let's certainly not forget the temperature of the chocolate mould itself. Optimally, it should be equal to the temperature of the tempered chocolate. The larger hollow figure customers use a "warming tunnel" to heat up their empty moulds to for example 28°C. The production process is then as follows in a rectangle ... Immediately after the removal of the hollow figures, the empty hollow figure moulds end up in the warming tunnel, and at the end of the warming tunnel they are immediately filled with chocolate and vibrated. To for this process Prefamac also offers (single and double) spinning machines. As latest, there is the cooling tunnel in the opposite direction, so that the rectangle is round. Both the input and the output of both types of tunnels, is provided with a height-adjustable valve, to limit every possible loss of energy and to allow any size of hollow figures.

Choose more pictures where we show our warming and cooling tunnels, single and double spinning machines, as well as our popular tempering Continua 60 kg, which is used a lot in the production of hollow figures.