Non-industrial machines

Chocolate enrober belt - INSPIRE (width 18cm)


To assemble on an automatic tempering machine INSPIRE for the enrobing of biscuits, fillings, ... with chocolate.


  • Stainless steel construction and take off plate, frame can also be executed in colour.
  • Extension take-off and paper to produce enrobed pralines.
  • Optional truffle extension and circular truffle table for truffle production.
  • Standard double chocolate curtain.
  • Standard with detailer.
  • Width 18cm.
  • Adjustable chocolate bath.
  • Adjustable vibrating movement.
  • With transparent cover with integrated heating for keeping the enrober space warm.
  • Extension discharge mounted on a trolley with castors, that not only serves as support for the extension discharge, but also as storage trolley for the wire conveyor (or vibration table) when this is not used.
  • Speed approximately 1 meter per minute.


Single phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz or 100V 50/60Hz.
Other executions: on demand.


  • Blower for blowing superfluous chocolate away. Control via PLC of tempering machine Inspire.
  • Bottom tank for enrobing the bottom side of products only.
  • Truffle top, driven by motor of wire conveyor belt, for connection to truffle table.
  • Truffle table 60cm diameter with motor 0,18kW.


Grill width: 18cm for automatic tempering machine Inspire 15kg.
Truffle table: 60cm diameter.


Easy cleaning procedures.
All controls are easily accessible.


All over the world.