Non-industrial machines

COMPACT moulding machine 3 in 1


For the production of chocolate or decorations. To decorate "fresh fruit cups", ice cream cups and / or pancakes with chocolate with the chocolate wheels at the side of the customer. Ideal for small quantities, demo's, parties and fairs.


  • Stainless steel frame, melting tanks and distribution trays.
  • Bench top model on stoppers.
  • Food quality approved lifting wheels. Easily removable for cleaning procedures..
  • Content: 3 x 15kg.
  • Melting tanks without corners and without mixing arms.
  • M-shaped heating for each tray.
  • 3 highly accurate thermostats with double digital display.
  • 3 additional mechanical safety thermostats.
  • All controls on 3 central panels.


  • Heating cabinet, in chosen colour, to melt chocolate in advance underneath this 3in1 machine.
  • Other tailor-made cabinet or table as trolley.
  • 4 in 1 of 5 in 1 compact machine.
  • Control panel on the front or back side of the machine.
  • Separate vibration table.


Single phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110-120V 60Hz or 100V 50/60Hz.
Other executions: on demand.


Unpacked: height 490 mm, length 570 mm, width 1400 mm, weight 110 kg.


Easy cleaning procedures.
All controls are easily accessible.


All over the world.