A delicious chocolate jacket or glazing for every delicacy

Biscuits, donuts, waffles, nut mix bars, nougat, marzipan, …. are all super delicious, but with a layer of chocolate or glazing they are complete. At Prefamac Chocolate Machines we can help you with this with our enrobers, and even with the complete production lines up to 1600 mm or 63” width.

The Prefamac enrobing machine is not incorrectly called SWITCH ULTRA. The large chocolate trays at the bottom of the machine can be completely removed from the base machine. You can purchase multiple trays for multiple colors, so changing or SWITCHing is really easy.

But not only the large chocolate storage tray can be removed from the machine, the smaller bottom bath “for the feet” of your products can also be removed from the basic machine. Separately from the big chocolate tray, and the motor does not even have to be taken out of the machine. The motor that determines the amount of chocolate on the underside of the products simply remains in the machine to make the operator’s job easier. And an optional transport rack is available for transport to the kitchen. Due to the combination of both advantages, we really call the machine SWITCH ULTRA. Ergonomic, super handy, super clean!

And a double machine with two bottom baths placed one behind the other is also possible. The double curtain tray, the vibrating function, the blower, … are of course also duplicated. Especially for delicacies that require a lot of chocolate.


A standard Prefamac enrober has a length of about 2 m or 6.5 feet. But not all customers have this space in their current production line, if it suddenly turns out that the old enrober needs to be replaced. Prefamac then works out a complete tailor-made enrobing machine. Above you can see 2 enrobers that are fully mirrored. One for the left production line and one for the right production line. The control buttons should, of course, all be in the center where the operator moves. The bottom baths here have the normal standard sizes, but the chocolate stock containers are much smaller. A really nice piece of puzzle work! Also at the top of the custom-made enrober, where about as many electrical components have to be placed, as with a standard machine.

An option that can be important is, for example, a tilt cylinder for confectionery that is only covered on one side. Either the wafers can rotate as in this example between grille part 1 and part 2 inside the machine, or behind the enrobing machine. The tilting cylinder will rotate at a higher speed, and in this way the products end up perfectly on the cooling tunnel.
Another recommended option is a filter. On the suction side of the chocolate pump, to be able to use the chocolate for as long as possible or without replacement. Or a double filter in bypass: one in operation and one that is being exchanged. For extreme cases, the filters can even be used in series one after the other. One product is not the same, but we look for the right solution for every customer.


We also have a great deal of variation for artisanal applications, both in terms of the customer’s chocolate knowledge level and energy consumption, in order to make the right choices together.
Visit our full website at www.prefamac.com and certainly also the virtual visits that are offered there.