About us

Exquisite chocolate machines.

Myriam Schepers, managing director, started Prefamac in 1988. Export now accounts for 90 to 95% of turnover, with the bulk of sales to other continents. You have to earn that market every day again, which is unthinkable without continuous innovation.

Today Prefamac Chocolate Machines not only has an excellent reputation as a machine manufacturer: as a company, we also want to do our bit in the social field. No less than 17 specific objectives for Corporate Social Responsibility were achieved by Prefamac as a pioneer.



Prefamac exports to more than 100 countries. Top customers outside Europe are India, Pakistan, the Arab states, the USA, Japan and several other Asian countries.

What explains this international success?

Chocolate is a delicate product. Top machines from Prefamac, built with the best materials and engineering, guarantee a top result. Even in difficult circumstances – such as exceptional humidity, high temperatures – and in extremely busy periods.

A second important factor is that Prefamac invariably thinks and designs based on the concrete needs of chocolatiers and operators in companies. Ergonomics, ease of maintenance and safety are key points of attention when building any new machine. Energy consumption must be kept to a minimum.

The third success factor is the ‘service drive’ of all employees. Prefamac Chocolate Machines constantly thinks about its customers also outside office hours. Innovation is not something that just happens ‘between 9 and 5’. At Prefamac, innovation takes place in co-design and co-creation with customers, in order to continuously create new and flexible end products for the future.