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The pneumatic scraper ADAPT has been developed to fill chocolate moulds for tablets or pralines and to scrape off the excess chocolate; or to produce only the outer chocolate layer of the praline or tablet. Immediately after scraping, the moulds are automatically vibrated. What is special about the ADAPT is that this device is suitable for different types of moulds and can always be adjusted. The ADAPT can be installed on a Prefamac 30 or 80 kg MOULDING MACHINE or on the CONTINUA 30 or 60 kg tempering machines.

Pneumatische machine
Tempereermachine Continua

Our Prefamac Benefits

Two scrapers and a heated frame

The heated mould guides and scrapers installed one behind the other guarantee an even finish of all moulds. The plastic scraper placed in the front also helps a hand.

All types of moulds can be used

The Prefamac ADAPT is not only suitable for moulds of type 1000 (275 x 135 mm). No no, type 2000 (275 x 175 mm) or type 3000 (275 x 205 mm) can also be used. You can switch from one type to another in no time.

Ergonomics as an asset 

All controls are optimally accessible. The mould drawer can be easily adjusted, and the height for loading is also relatively low.


  • Full pearled stainless steel construction.
  • Food-grade plastic block for supplying the moulds.
  • Standard tray capacity for 16 moulds or height 50 cm.
  • Standard for moulds with a length of 275 mm. Width of mould can vary between 135 and 205 mm.
  • Required compressor to control the plastic block: +-120 L per minute at 6 bar (preferably a silent version)
  • The chocolate supplied by the Prefamac MOULDING MACHINE 80 kg, or the CONTINUA tempering machine 30 or 60 kg, each has its own distribution tube for the ADAPT.
  • Version single-phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz.


  • Adjustable to height for Prefamac MOULDING MACHINE 30 kg content.
  • Version for other sizes of moulds.


  • Dimensions: height 540 mm, length 1640 mm, width 370 mm
  • Weight 25 kg.