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The COMPACT is a handy small moulding machine with a capacity of 15 kg. This machine is ideal for moulding a limited amount of chocolate into moulds or hollow figures. Also ideal for use during trade fairs, parties or other events.

Mouleer compact
Mouleer compact
Mouleer compact
Mouleer compact

Our Prefamac Benefits

Table model

The COMPACT is a handy table model that rests on plastic feet. The machine can therefore be placed on any flat surface. Prefamac also offers a stainless steel base, but even without this base, this machine stands out because of its simplicity and ease of use.


The control buttons of the compact are very user friendly and optimally accessible. Each customer can choose the most suitable work table, so that they can work with the machine uninterruptedly.

All-in ease of use

The Prefamac compact is used for melting chocolate, tempering (or bringing the chocolate to the correct crystal structure), and filling moulds. With a separate vibration table, you can vibrate the moulds after they’ve been filled.


  • Frame and distribution tray made entirely of pearled stainless steel.
  • Food approved chocolate wheel, easy to clean.
  • Rounded melting tray that eliminates the need for a stirrer.
  • Heating via M-resistance.
  • Highly accurate digital thermostat with double readout for requested and actual temperature.
  • Extra mechanical safety thermostat.
  • Central control panel.