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The CURL FLAKING MACHINE produces rolled flakes – ‘cigarettes’ – of approximately 7 centimetres in length out of 2 chocolate blocks. The flake thickness is adjustable and various lengths can be obtained with different blades.

Schilfer Curl
Schilfer Curl
Schilfer Curl
Schilfer Curl
Schilfer Curl

Our Prefamac Benefits

The most solid flaking machine of its kind

 The current generation of flaking machines works with a very solid linear guiding system, so that the machine continues to function with unaltered top quality even after many hours of flaking.

Super safe

Machines with sharp blades have to be super safe. The Prefamac flaking machine is equipped with built-in safety devices to protect your employees against any possible risk.

Large variety of end products

The CURL flaking machine can be equipped with a blade without perforations, or with perforations of 4, 2, 1 cm. Therefore a wide variety of end products can be produced.


  • Made entirely out of pearled stainless steel.
  • Transparent cover.
  • Space for 2 chocolate blocks is slightly adjustable.
  • Adjustable flake thickness.
  • Processing time: 6 to 13 minutes for 10 kg of chocolate.
  • Drum knife with 6 cutting edges (blades).
  • Frame on castors.
  • Two anti-static drawers to collect the flakes.
  • Equipped with a linear guide system with sliding elements (without lubricants). The chocolate block will not be in contact with any oil or grease.
  • Standard automatic and accelerated return.
  • Separate motor with speed control for blade and drive.
  • Single-phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60 Hz.


  • Industrial execution, see industrial flaking machines.
  • Different blades available to produce flakes of various lengths.
  • Other dimensions of chocolate blocks.


  • Space chocolate block: width 27 cm, length 45 cm, thickness 8,2 cm
  • Dimensions: height 880 mm, length 1460 mm, width 480 mm
  • Weight 120 kg.
  • Weight knife: +/- 4 kg.