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Heating cabinets

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A Prefamac HEATING CABINET SLIDER can be used for various purposes: melting chocolate in trays, preheating or keeping an enrobing belt warm 18 cm, preheating moulds for an ideal shine, …

With a double Prefamac SLIDER, 2 heating cabinets are mounted one on top of the other, which saves space. Each cabinet has its own thermostat.


Our Prefamac Benefits

Adjustable leveling feet

Due to the adjustable feet, the working height can be slightly adjusted, or the machine can be placed 100% horizontally. An additional frame on wheels can also be produced on request.


Built-in ventilation

Due to the built-in ventilation, the required temperature will be optimally distributed throughout the entire cabinet. When working with trays, blocks or closed objects, this heat distribution is not self-evident.

Flaking Machine

Optionally, a kind of biblio or book system for chocolate blocks can be made. In this way, the chocolate blocks can be brought to an ideal temperature to produce beautiful flakes with the Prefamac flaking machine.


  • Complete construction in polished stainless steel.
  • Version with 2 sliding doors and 1 shelf per cabinet
  • The whole rests on adjustable leveling feet.
  • Electric heating: 2500 Watt per cabinet.
  • Desired temperature setting is adjustable.
  • Version single-phase 220-240V 50Hz (or with adapter for other destinations).


  • Biblio system (2 per cabinet) to stack 36 blocks of chocolate (each 18 pieces) as preheating tools before flaking (each biblio: height 600 mm, width 800 mm, depth 450 mm, weight 18.5 kg).
  • Other sizes or customization on request.
  • Version on castor wheels or on a frame with castor wheels.
  • Heating cabinet with hinged doors.


  • Dimensions:
    Exterior: height from 730 to 880 mm, length 2000 mm, width 700 mm
    Inside: height 2×250 mm, length 1800 mm, width 520 mm.
  • Weight: 122 kg.