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To produce hollow bodies or hollow figures, double moulds (with metal base) are used. The opened mould is filled with chocolate on one side and then closed. The mould is then shaken briefly by hand, and hereafter attached to the magnets of the spinning machine.

With a spinning machine or spinner, the chocolate is evenly distributed over the jacket in hollow bodies or hollow figures. The DOUBLE SPINNING MACHINE has 8 arms with 24 magnets on them. The achievable capacity is simultaneously 8 large moulds or 24 small moulds. The spin time depends on the chosen weight and model.


Zwiermolen dubbel
Zwiermolen dubbel
Zwiermolen dubbel
Zwiermolen dubbel
Zwiermolen dubbel
Zwiermolen dubbel

Our Prefamac Benefits

Our standard machine is complete

With our standard spinning machine, the speed of the machine can be adjusted at any time and vibration is a standard feature. The ideal speed can therefore be set for every type or shape or for every weight of figure.

Rock solid

The Prefamac spinning machine can also be defined as rock solid. Robust construction, not too light, completely in stainless steel. Due to the continuous rotating movement and the built-in vibration system, this version is really necessary to be able to work intensively.

A blower unit as additional option

To accommodate the spinner for everyone’s budget, a blower unit is not added as standard. The customer is therefore free to choose this option or not.


  • Frame made entirely of pearled stainless steel, arms of painted steel.
  • 2 X four arms for the double spinning machine, each arm (or hand) carries 3 magnets 80 mm.
  • Choice between 1 large mould or 3 small moulds per 3 magnets or per arm
  • Mounted on 4 swerve castors, 2 of which with brakes.
  • Version single-phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz.


  • Blower for accelerated cooling, on both sides.
  • Heavier magnets for larger/heavier moulds (diameter 100 mm).


  • Dimensions: height 1320 mm, length 1200 mm, width 760 mm
  • Weight 162 kg.