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The SNIPPER I and II are the smallest and most compact Prefamac flaking machines for flaking one chocolate block into a specific type of flakes, also called -snippers-. The blocks can be up to 47 centimeters long. Different lengths of flakes can be obtained with different blades. The result with type I and II is identically the same. Compared to type I, type II is a design model, in which all parts are built-in. As a result, type II is larger and heavier than type I.

Schilfermachine Snipper
Schilfermachine Snipper
Schilfermachine Snipper
Schilfermachine Snipper

Our Prefamac Benefits

Table model

Our SNIPPER I and II flaking machines can easily be moved, and stored after use. Therefore, they are suitable for flaking small amounts of chocolate for immediate use.

Different knives

Just like the larger Prefamac flaking machines, various knives are available for the small SNIPPER. Blades can be changed very fast.

Small but super safe

Safety features are built into this small flaking machine to protect your employees against injuries caused by the knife. The SNIPPER I and II are also equipped with a pick-up tray with Plexiglas inspection hole.


  • Pearled stainless steel construction, also the pick-up tray.
  • Processing time: 13 to 30 minutes for 5 kg of chocolate.
  • Set of 2 knives.
  • Delivered with 2 extra wires that pull the chocolate block to the knife.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Control elements are optimally accessible.
  • Single-phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz.


  • Different knifes available to produce flakes of various lengths.
  • Other dimensions of chocolate blocks.


  • Space chocolate block: length 47cm x width 27cm x thickness 4,5cm.
  • Dimensions:
    Type I: height 510 mm, length 370 mm, width 430 mm, weight 29 kg.
    Type II: height 710 mm, length 440 mm, width 400 mm, weight 42 kg.