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The Prefamac moulding machine is the basic machine that chocolatiers will standardly use to start. This machine is used for melting chocolate, tempering (or bringing the chocolate to the right crystal structure), filling and vibrating moulds. At the start, some machines with a capacity of 30 kg are selected, and some with a capacity of 80 kg.

A 30 kg moulding machine is often combined with a Prefamac enrober belt, whereas an 80kg machine is often chosen for the production of tablets or hollow figures (as more chocolate is used). Both machines can be combined with the Prefamac scraper.

Mouleer 30/80
Mouleer 30/80
Mouleer 30/80
Mouleer 30/80

Our Prefamac Benefits

A purchase for life

The quality of our Prefamac MOULDING MACHINES is top notch. In tropical humidity or hot temperatures, running 24/7 around the holiday periods: the Prefamac machines will never let you down. Not even after 25 years. The service life is extremely long, with minimal maintenance.

Right- or left turning chocolate wheel

Moulding or filling moulds can be done if the agitator turns to the right. To cover confectionery with a layer of chocolate, you need an enrober belt and a moulding machine that rotates to the left. The Prefamac moulding machines are equipped to easily combine moulding with enrobing in the future, without any additional investments. The chocolate wheel is adjustable in speed, to adjust the amount of chocolate for each product.

Ergonomics and ease of use

The machine rests on a frame without a fixed front, which entails that legroom is unobstructed and the use of a bucket is super easy. All control knobs and thermostats are optimally accessible. Daily or thorough maintenance is very easy.


  • Made entirely out of pearled stainless steel.
  • Frame on castors.
  • Food approved chocolate wheel.
  • Standard vibration table with separate motor.
  • Draining valve at the bottom of the machine 1″ (30kg) / 1 ½ ” (80kg).
  • Heating carpets for the tray and the outlet.
  • Highly accurate digital thermostat with double readout for requested and actual temperature.
  • Extra mechanical safety thermostat.