After cocoa beans have been fermented, dried and roasted, they are ground into cocoa nibs. Prefamac starts with its Prefanibs machine from these cocoa nibs to the end product chocolate. The Prefanibs 30, or the grinder with a content of 30 to 35 kg, grinds the cocoa into high-quality liquid chocolate.

Due to the good ventilation of the machine, which allows all sour odors to escape, a separate conching machine is no longer necessary. The PrefaNibs is therefore both a grinder and a conching machine, as it is called in industrial terms.


The Prefanibs is used for the production of chocolate (80%-70%-65% …), starting from roasted cocoa beans which have been processed into cocoa nibs. By rotating granite stones in the nibs for a long time, chocolate is obtained with particles of maximum 22 microns. In industrial terms, the machine is also called grinder, and the treatment process stone conching.

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Mouleer 30/80

The Prefamac moulding machine is the basic machine that chocolatiers will standardly use to start. This machine is used for melting chocolate, tempering (or bringing the chocolate to the right crystal structure), filling and vibrating moulds. At the start, some machines with a capacity of 30 kg are selected, and some with a capacity of 80 kg.

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