Energy efficient, fast and an attractive design: discover our CLOONEY 1 temper meter

Energy efficient, fast and an attractive design: discover our CLOONEY 1 temper meter

Because traceability within the food chain is becoming increasingly important, but also because any waste of energy is out of the question, Prefamac Chocolate Machines has developed its Clooney1 tempermeter. Any form of over- or under-crystallised chocolate must be avoided in the tempering process, and measuring is knowing. Wasting energy by tempering again and again until a correct result is achieved must be avoided.

The big advantage of the Prefamac Clooney1 tempermeter is that the temper index is known within 5 minutes ! This is super-fast, and ensures that operators are also quicker to perform this necessary check.

Using the machine is also very easy :

  • Connect to the mains, and start up the measuring device.
  • The cooling unit starts to reach a temperature of 8°C (constant) in a very short time, and gives a START message.
  • A kind of metal coffee cup (empty) is filled with liquid chocolate by the operator, and inserted into the tempermeter.
  • The lid of the device is closed, allowing the temperature sensor to go directly into the chocolate.
  • The start on the touchscreen is touched, and within five minutes the temper curve and also the temper index are displayed.
  • The data can be printed, or stored on an SD card only. Comparisons between different curves are also possible which is another very big advantage of the Prefamac tempermeter.
  • The coffee cups used can also be maximally recovered, and even the chocolate used for testing.

The design of the Clooney1 with coffee cups (😊) is not only beautiful, but has a fully worked-out function for quality, ease of use and solidity :

  • It all comes in a handy and attractive storage box, which also holds a supply of cups and print rolls. Transport safety is also a priority, because a measuring device must always be transported carefully.
  • Another big advantage is the portability of the Clooney: a large handle is provided at the top back, and on the opposite side there is a rubber grip which also gives the entire underside a bumpy edge, so to speak, for gentle catching.
  • The lid ensures that the probe does not have to be manually secured with each test, but can easily be enclosed in the cup.
  • A buzz tone at crucial moments helps the user open the lid at the right timing to avoid waiting times.
  • The stock of cups (for the day or shift) is contained in 2 pivoting out sleeves, which also allows the unit itself to ventilate optimally during use.
  • Every part on the inside of the Prefamac measuring device is so optimally placed that the total Clooney1 weighs less than 10 kg. So yet another advantage of this machine.

But what exactly is this tempering process and determining the temper index ?

The main component of chocolate is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter has the property of being polymorphic, meaning it can occur in different crystal forms. These crystal forms are created when chocolate is (cooled). The crystal shape in which cocoa butter mainly crystallizes determines what properties the chocolate possesses.

Beta V type crystals in particular provide a pleasant hardness, a shiny solid texture and a typical hollow sound when breaking (or biting into) the chocolate. Tempering is the process of obtaining these stable Beta V crystals. A tempermeter measures the quality of the tempering or tempering process of chocolate, which has been tempered via a manual or automatic method. Tempering is therefore the most important measurement that should characterize chocolate, which is why Prefamac has developed a tempermeter.

A tempermeter functions through the physical properties of chocolate to determine a temper score or temper index. The chocolate sample is inserted into an isothermal cooling element. Chocolate gives off ‘latent heat’ during its cooling process when it passes from a liquid state to a solid state (crystallizes).

This transition or phase transition is visible on the tempermeter screen. When and how fast this crystallization process occurs depends on the degree of tempering of the chocolate. In this way, a distinction can also be made between under-, over- and correctly tempered chocolate to determine what the quality of the final product will be.

The turning point that occurs in the cooling curve is called the inflection point. An inflection point is that point on the curve where the bending changes from convex to concave or vice versa. The second derivative of the curve in question thus changes sign at this point. With ideally tempered chocolate, a curve with a cooling rate of 0°C/min will arrive at the inflection point. So the measurement results or the screen or the print-out on paper also always show when and at what temperature the inflection point is located. These data are also saved, just to make different measurements comparable according to the inflection point.

Curve A shows under-tempered chocolate, curve C over-tempered chocolate.

Once this cooling process is complete, the TI or temper index appears, which is a digit. A digit with one decimal unit behind it. This digit should preferably be between 4 and 6. Please note, the common manual tempering machines ‘without PLC’ so with a circuit board or PSB are usually limited to a score 3, which is rather (too) low.

The full user manual for the Clooney1 when you buy it is of course much more detailed. This is also the case for the safety and maintenance instructions.

A delicious chocolate jacket or glazing for every delicacy

Because the quality of our Prefamac enrobing machines is really top notch, in this blog we wish to take a closer look at the specific features of this machine. And this more specifically for the SWITCH ULTRA type. An enrober with an interchangeable chocolate tray and also with an interchangeable chocolate bath (for the feet). This both from versions of 1600 mm or 63″ grill width to 400 mm or 15.75″. The whole range of intermediate sizes is available, and this for your desired end products.

We call it SWITCH because the large chocolate storage bin at the bottom can be changed completely and quickly in the basic machine. Complete means here including the underlying platform on wheels, but also the accompanying pumps and piping; and very importantly the heaters that keep the whole (bin, pumps and piping) at temperature when the bin is removed from the basic machine.

To this SWITCH designation, we also added ULTRA because the bottom pool, which gives the chocolate feet to pralines, truffles, doughnuts, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, …, can also be changed completely AND quickly in the base machine. And independent or not tied to changing the storage bin. For stacked crumbs, for example, only this base tray can be changed, and the large storage tray simply remains in the machine without changing.

Switching or changing chocolate or coating/icing is thus very easy, so that one production line can very easily be used for different colours and types of chocolate. So this totally fits in with corporate social responsibility : the multiple use of machines ! If an underlying decoration machine follows in the production line, and/or a cooling tunnel, these will also be able to work with that other colour or type of chocolate. Multifunctionality -without throwing money away- at the top.

A standard Prefamac enrobing machine has a length of about 2 m or 6.5 ft.  Prefamac is also highly specialised in customisation of its enrobing machines :

  • Much shorter machines than 2 m or 6.5 ft to be replaced in existing production lines, or to make it possible to add an additional decoration machine in the existing line where there is only 2 m or 6.5 ft of space.
  • Machines through which 2 different grilles run across the total machine width, to allow truly 2 colours to be processed by the same machine, saving maximum space.
  • Enrobers with 2 superimposed grilles, because the same machine also moves biscuits without chocolate. So a machine with a dual function.


As enrobing machines speak both of pralines, truffles, doughnuts, biscuits, cakes, ice cream, … topped with chocolate, the machine is going to be equipped with some basic functions, but also a number of options to choose from depending on the product.

Extra chocolate storage bins and extra bottom baths. The obvious thing to do with this version of SWITCH ULTRA machine is to purchase one or more extra trays when you first buy. Of course, this can still be done at a later stage, but then there is going to be a price difference.

Bottom and double enrobing. Via a simple standard three-way valve, you can choose to cover the products completely, or just the bottom. Of course, this allows for a lot of creativity, which will appeal to your customers.

Double chocolate curtain. When double-sided covering the confectionery, it will first receive a first ‘shower’, as it were, and then a second ‘shower’. In this way, you can be sure that chocolate or icing is administered to the top everywhere. This double chocolate curtain will also fill the bottom pool, although the machine will also take care of this without the curtain.

Real chocolate or compound/icing. Because real chocolate is very sensitive to temperature, a Prefamac enrobing machine for real chocolate is equipped with lobe pumps, and a separate water circuit is also provided for heating the piping. For compound or icing, this can always be done identically, but is optional.

Vibration via a speed-controlled vibratory shaft. Vibration for limiting the amount of chocolate per product is provided as standard in the enrobing machines. So depending on the selling price of your finished product, more or less can be vibrated, as chocolate usually turns out to be the most expensive ingredient.

Blow unit for limiting chocolate. A second feature that will determine the amount of chocolate per product is the blowing unit. The height, direction, as well as the speed of the blower will determine how and how much chocolate a product will feature.

Tilting or rotating. By default, donuts or biscuits will be able to tilt between grill 1 and grill 2, but via a special speed-controlled tilt cylinder, products can also be “controlled” and optionally tilted behind the machine. So the possibilities are very wide.

Detailer. To add even less chocolate to the product, or really avoid tails on the back of the product, an optional detailer can be chosen.

Immerse with a pressure cylinder or pressure grinder. If you are working with a light product or if you want an even ground cover with chocolate, immersing the product in the chocolate bath is ideal. To avoid soiling the cylinder, a scraper has been added. A grill will be added more for large products like waffles. Again, this allows one to produce various products, which may have different selling prices depending on the amount of chocolate used.

Filtering for crumbs. Because crumbs might be unavoidable for the flavour of your product, or you might risk larger pieces of cake ending up in the chocolate, a filter is recommended. The profile of this removable filter can be chosen depending on your product. A double filter in bypass is also a possible option.

Inlet and/or outlet grill. Especially for products with crumb formation, but also for decorative reasons, a self-contained grill can be chosen both in front of and behind the enrober. The length of this can be freely chosen, as well as the speed min/max that these grilles must be able to achieve. The outlet is of course best immediately a cooling tunnel so that your products are cooled as quickly as possible. If necessary, first a short cooling tunnel, then a decoration or several decorations combined, and finally an all-inclusive cooling tunnel right before packaging.

Decorating in enrober. You may also be interested in a range of products that are not fully covered, but only the bottom and a line or zigzag at the top. Instead of the double curtain tray, this decoration option will then be offered.

What exactly is your company looking for ? Let us know at We have 35 years of experience with all types of products large or small, so we can always assist you in word and deed.

Melting and mixing: you ask, we build the kettles

At Prefamac Chocolate Machines we can tell you everything about melting and mixing kettles. Our team prefers to produce completely customer-specific kettles as shown in the photo below. All-in with stainless steel platform, rotary lobe pump or gear pump, double-walled piping and additional heating. Special level detections depending on the application or ‘consumer’ of the chocolate, weight control based on 0.5 kg (1.10 lbs)… and all this followed by a signal tower in which each color indicates a specific phase. This saves considerable time and increases the efficiency and comfort of your staff.

Mengketels meng

You might also want a complete programming of successive melting kettles, in which various ingredients are added before the liquid mass is sent to an enrobing machine or a decorating machine? We can build this with the desired PLC or manual controls. Extensions in the future are also possible if you wish to add a melting kettle, another color of chocolate or glazing in a later phase. Prefamac grows with you and supports you in every phase of your expansion plans.


Not only customization but also our standard melting kettles of 170, 240, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters (45/63/132/264/396/528 gallons) are very popular and always available within very reasonable delivery times. On machine stoppers, on a stainless steel platform (with or without a pump) and possibly with a simple “pump station” such as the leftmost kettle in the photo. The fact that our solid melting kettles still look like new after 25 years is particularly appreciated by our customers worldwide. Indeed … our kettles are certainly in 75 of our 103 export countries.

Last year we developed the ROLL’X melting kettles at the request of several customers in order to be able to clean and change products very quickly. The solid and heavy agitator can be removed from the kettle very ergonomically and safely via a crane. Another important time saver if your product requires more frequent maintenance. And the small ergonomic ERGO 100 melting kettle (26 gallons) is also a newcomer. With a simple electrical cabinet at the bottom and via a tap both sideways and at the bottom, you can easily innovate with gluten-free, vegan, keto… and all possible perfumes and flavors. Super handy, both for labs and in production.

Individual or combined kettles can also be equipped with an external double-walled and heated filter. As a result, the chocolate can be used longer, your staff is relieved and in the event of a lot of failure the filter can also be installed in bypass. Think of your combination, and we implement it.

Filling platforms at height can be developed for filling the kettles with small or large chocolate drops, or we can offer you very handy giraffe belts. The bags with drops can be ergonomically inserted into a collecting bin at a height of 1 meter (3.28 feet) and the kettles are then filled at a self-determined speed. Very fast at the end of the day, or very slow so that chocolate is constantly being melted.
And if you do start with blocks of chocolate of 5 or 40 kg (11 or 88 lbs)… it might be better to opt for our Prefamac Quick Melters. The insertion height of our Quick Melters is also only 1 meter (3.28 feet), so ergonomically also a great size. By the way, the QM40 melts 500 kg (1.102 lbs) of real chocolate per hour (compound chocolate: even more). And thanks to the 3 thermostats on the 3 heated grilles, various products can also be combined. The stirrer at the bottom and the 4th heating of the machine make the whole an ‘immediately ready for use’ combination.


Do you have any special wishes? Does your team have specific questions?
Let us know. We do not shy away from a challenge and help you further!


When we speak of cocoa nibs, these are small pieces of fermented, and carefully selected cocoa beans, which remain after roasting and peeling. We also speak of Raw Cacao, because these nibs can also be eaten without question. In Michelin-starred restaurants, the nibs are also regularly used as a garnish.

The new PrefaNIBS machine from Prefamac processes these cocoa nibs into wonderfully radiant top-quality chocolate.
Last month we presented the Prefanibs 30 to the visitors at the ProSweets fair in Cologne.
Our customers mainly focused on the important advantages that this machine combines:

  • Pre-refining the cacao-nibs
  • The refining process that processes the mass into liquid chocolate of less than 22 microns
  • And finally the conching process, also in the same machine

Micron is the measure of the smallest particles or particles present in the chocolate. Less than 22 microns means that the chocolate no longer has any powder taste at all. Any kind of powder is gone. And the use of your raw material -nibs- is 100%, so there will not be any waste.

In summary, we can describe the Prefanibs from Prefamac as follows:

  • A very strong machine to grind the heavy cocoa nibs and liquefy them at the end of the process. Very liquid in fact, as is clear from the photo above.
  • A minimum of screws and open spaces in the design, which means that the machine can also offer maximum hygiene and safety for the user, the end product and the machine itself
  • Electricity consumption is limited to the unit of kilowatt demanded in each production step (and nothing more than this),
  • Totally “no movements are necessary, nor transport “of the ground mass nor of the liquid end product” (from the first machine to a 2nd or 3rd machine as is required in other bean-to-bar applications),
  • And conching ‘the secret of great chocolate’ is also combined in this one machine. The secret of Prefamac, of speed in combination with temperature!
  • In addition, each machine is provided with 2 sets of lids: the closed lids preserve all the perfumes and flavours specific to the special cocoa bean, and the perforated lids ventilate the chocolate as much as possible.
Prefanibs 30
Prefanibs 30

Not to mention, hearing all these positive qualities, the Prefanibs can and will also be used for the production of:

  • Nut creames
  • Ganaches
  • Chocolate spreads

In summary … the ideal machine to produce “exclusive” products, “home-made” or ” artisanal” !!
Reduced in sugar or sweetened with coconut palm, vegan or gluten-free, 90-80-70-60% … everything can be your trump card.

And the CE label here ‘really’ stands for a super safe and almost silent machine! This CE certification is still too often flouted, and we wanted to get rid of this at Prefamac.

The link to our website and video is
You can also send us your price request from this web page.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We already look forward to your special recipes and preparations. Good luck in advance!


‘Pioneer in corporate social responsibility’, for our customers and for ourselves

A few years before corporate social responsibility (CSR) became an active working point for many companies all over the world, Prefamac Chocolate Machines was already working on this quite intensively. (more…)


The European Union wants to be climate neutral by 2050. In just nine years, our CO2 emissions must also be reduced by at least 55%. These are ambitious plans.



Whether you need to cool donuts, biscuits, truffles, pralines or waffles, Prefamac has the right cooling tunnel available for every product and every quantity. (more…)


The focus of chocolate makers and cookie manufacturers is of course deliver a final product of the highest achievable quality.


Happy people make the tastiest cookies: our machines also spare your employees

The focus of chocolate makers and cookie manufacturers is of course deliver a final product of the highest achievable quality.

Newsletter: Ready for the parties!

At Prefamac we constantly think of parties. Saint Nicholas, end-of-year parties, spring parties, .. we are always ready for it! (more…)