Happy people make the tastiest cookies: our machines also spare your employees

The focus of chocolate makers and cookie manufacturers is of course deliver a final product of the highest achievable quality.

For this purpose, machines are used that continue to work perfectly even in difficult circumstances and under time pressure. Prefamac machines usually. But what about the people who sometimes work in heat and under heavy time pressure? Prefamac has already thought of this during the design phase of its machines, and ergonomics have been taken into account. Lifting heavy weights, using stairs, working at dangerous heights, etc. are avoided as much as possible.

“That focus on ergonomics has developed very strongly over the years. When visiting customers, we have seen people struggling in difficult circumstances and with heavy loads. A simple example? We have omitted or moved the front leg on many machines. After all, we met a lot of employees who said that they kept coming up against it. Tall people in particular – and people of this kind continue to grow – were affected by it,” explains managing director Myriam Schepers. With the examples below she illustrates what she means.

Melting kettles and rapid melters on a human scale

Our new Quick Melters have a working height of 1 meter so that blocks of chocolate or butter can be placed in the machine easily and without damaging the backs. These machines can melt up to 500 kilos of chocolate per hour, and even more for butter and fats. No slippery stairs to work at heights, no unhealthy lifting. The Roll’X kettles and Ergo 100 kettle are extremely suitable for use in the biscuit sector or for working with butters and fats. The new Roll’X kettles are an example of ergonomics and hygiene: the agitator can be lifted out with a crane. This saves a lot of time for the people who have to clean the kettle – they no longer have to struggle in the kettle – and cleaning will be better. With the agitator out, someone can even climb into the kettle to get it microscopically clean. Growing companies and development departments can get started with the Ergo 100 litre kettle. It is wide so that the height is limited to just 1 meter. Due to that width and the large lid, it can also be easily filled with large blocks.

Flaking in a jiffy

The Turbo Block Flaker is a machine in which 8 blocks of chocolate of 5 kilos (11 lbs) can be flaked together at the same time, either large blocks of (cocoa) butter or chocolate of 25 to 40 kg. To save the backs of the employees, the insertion height is exactly 1 meter. With facilitating roles, the blocks can be placed in front of the knife. The block space can be closed with one movement, and the machine is securely locked before starting. The Turbo Block Flaker can also be mounted on a conveyor or decoration belt.

Conveyor belts at the right speed

With the Giraffe conveyor belts it is also immediately clear that people are spared. The products are introduced at a working height of 1 meter in a large stainless steel storage container. The amount and speed can be easily adjusted. Decorative items can be transported to the production line with this. Chocolate drops can therefore be delivered to the melting kettles. Either quickly at the end of the working day, or constantly to always have chocolate at 45°C.