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The AMBI AIR cooling tunnel is a tunnel that is used to cool products from temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius. For most products this is called a pre-cooling. Outside air is used as the cooling medium, and not gas or glycol cooled systems.

All tunnels are custom made. The length of the cooling tunnels is determined by the speed of your transport and the required cooling time of your product(s).

Usually a cooling tunnel POWER, POWER SLIM or POWER PLUS comes after this type of tunnel.

Koeltunnel AmbiAir
Koeltunnel AmbiAir
Koeltunnel AmbiAir
Koeltunnel AmbiAir

Our Prefamac Benefits

Free outdoor air

In contrast to the other Prefamac tunnels, only air circulation is built into the AMBI AIR tunnel. The air is drawn in outside and completely filtered. After this, the cold air comes over the products and is sent back outside. Significant energy savings can therefore be achieved continuously.

Cleaning in no time

The entire tunnel consists of doors in stainless steel, which can be opened completely on both sides. The plastic belt is 50% open so all crumbs can be collected quickly and easily. Daily or constant maintenance can be done in no time.

Class customization

Based on the temperatures and the product to be cooled, the desired AMBI AIR cooling tunnel can be perfectly calculated. Width 300-400-500- 620-820-900-1050-1200-1300-1400-1500 and 1600 mm, everything is possible. Do you want to double in the future? An additional installation can be added to the existing tunnel.


  • Frame made of pearled stainless steel.
  • Conveyor belt suitable for temperatures up to 130°C / 250°F.
  • The sides consist entirely of covers with gas springs.
  • Each cover is hinged and can be opened completely.
  • Adjustable belt speed and air speed.
  • Central control or PLC control, single phase 50 or 60 Hz