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With a BATCH TEMPERING MACHINE you can bring a certain amount or batch of chocolate to the correct and ideal processing temperature in one go. When the enrobing or dosing machine is fed, a new batch can be tempered for future production. The BATCH TEMPERING MACHINE can also function as a melting kettle.

Tempereermachine Batch

Our Prefamac Benefits

Our standard machine is complete

Prefamac has standard BATCH kettles in two handy sizes, 100 and 150 L, which are very complete as a basic machine.

We are top notch in customization

Do you want to start from a quasi-standard kettle, but do you want a special platform, or pump or filter or piping, …. then Prefamac Chocolate Machines is your ideal partner. Co-design, co-creation… together we can achieve more.

Other products in the future?

Prefamac is a manufacturer. Would you like a different agitator in the future, or a different lid, …. You can always contact us with all your future questions.


  • Made entirely of pearled stainless steel
  • Double-walled water housing.
  • Mixing arms with sidelong scrapers.
  • Motor located underneath the batch kettle.
  • Control temperature cycle through electronic digital thermostats with double display.
  • Open water circuit for accelerated cooling.
  • Central control panel, three-phase connection.


  • Platform or castors.
  • Pumping station with chocolate pump.
  • Double-walled fixed or flexible stainless steel piping.
  • Speed regulation on mixing arm.
  • Infra red control.
  • Feed hopper and/or filter.