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With a CONTINUOUS TEMPERING MACHINE, the liquid chocolate is brought to the desired and ideal processing temperature in a constant flow. Unused chocolate (in the enrobing or dosing machine) is returned to the melting kettle, to assure a continuous “triangle flow” of chocolate between melting kettle, tempering machine and consumer.

Tempereermachine Continu
Tempereermachine Continu
Tempering machine

Our Prefamac Benefits

Options for everybody

Prefamac has standard TEMPERING MACHINES from small to large: 200, 500, 800, 1000 and even 1500 kg per hour.

Various versions

Either the entire amount of chocolate can be constantly tempered in our machines, or a portion of the chocolate is tempered and expertly added to the entire amount of chocolate.

The latter is the case with the ENERGY version. Saving energy is an absolute asset of this second type.

Further specialization in the future?

Do you wish to pump at a greater distance in the future, or do you want to add a de-temper unit? We can help you grow your business with our experience and advice.


  • Made entirely of stainless steel.
  • System fully integrated in total housing.
  • Built-in tank and pump.
  • Closed water circuit without any water losses.
  • Glycol cooling principle.
  • Standard with Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen.
  • Three-phase connection.


  • External chocolate pump for longer distances.
  • Supplementary heating for the piping.
  • Pre-treatment module for first temper zone
  • De-temper unit.
  • Double-walled fixed or flexible stainless steel piping