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The SWITCH ULTRA ENROBING MACHINE is designed for chocolate enrobing or coating of biscuits, waffles, donuts, truffles, fillings on an industrial scale. The SWITCH ULTRA consists of 1 basic machine with 1 or more removable chocolate tanks, and 1 or more chocolate baths. The removable tanks and baths make it possible to switch flexibly to different types of chocolate for various end products.

Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra
Enrobeermachine SwitchUltra

Our Prefamac Benefits

Options for everybody

The SWITCH ULTRA enrobing machine is available in all possible belt widths: 400-500-620-820-900-1050-1200-1300-1400-1500 and 1600 mm. There is also a different version available for real chocolate instead of compound chocolate.

The SWITCH ULTRA is very flexible

If a lot of crumbs have accumulated in the bottom bath, this bath can be removed from the machine via a rack on wheels and taken to the kitchen. In the meantime, the motor of this bottom bath remains in the basic machine.

The large SWITCH ULTRA chocolate tank at the bottom of the machine can be replaced by a chocolate tank that contains a different colour of chocolate. It just couldn’t get any more convenient!

We are top notch in customization

A standard enrober is about 2 m long and 2 m high. Would you like a shorter machine, a lower machine, or one where 2 grilles run side by side, or 2 curtain trays and blowers behind each other, … everything is possible. A combination of several options is always available on request: pressure cylinder, removable filters, lick rollers, entrance / exit grill conveyor, …


  • Basic machine, chocolate tank and chocolate bath made entirely of pearled stainless steel.
  • With 2 grill conveyors.
  • Double curtain for chocolate distribution, bottom coating or double-sided coating.
  • Removable chocolate tank (from 20 to 220 litres) with mixing arm and cover.
  • Chocolate distribution pump and return pump for real chocolate.
  • Several functions adjustable in speed.
  • Central control panel or PLC control.
  • Three-phase 50 or 60Hz.


  • Entrance / exit grill conveyor.
  • Pressure cylinder with scraper.
  • Blower.
  • Heated detailer.
  • Lick rolls.
  • Filters in bypass
  • Extra removable chocolate tanks and baths.
  • Decoration.