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The GIRAFFE is a new Prefamac machine that is used to feed other machines such as melting kettles and tempering machines (constantly) with chocolate, or a decoration machine with decoration material. It can also be used to bring chocolate drops or flakes to a packing system in boxes or in bags. It is possible to have the GIRAFFE tailor-made and with a higher operating speed.

Transportbanden Giraffe
Transportbanden Giraffe
Transportbanden Giraffe
Transportbanden Giraffe
Transportbanden Giraffe
Transportbanden Giraffe

Our Prefamac Benefits

Ergonomics and ease of use

The storage tank in which the chocolate or decoration products are brought together is located at a height of only 1 meter. No more risk of back pain even when bending over, and no more stairs. Everyone can easily work with the GIRAFFE thanks to its central control panel, and all elements are optimally accessible.

Mobile and solid at the same time

The GIRAFFE is equipped with heavy duty castors and is therefore easy to move within the workplace. Yet it is a very solid construction that can take a beating. Within 20 years still a new Prefamac machine without much maintenance.

Fast or slow

The GIRAFFE can be used to quickly fill the melting kettles in the evening, or at a slow speed throughout the day. The latter to have permanent liquid chocolate available. This permanent supply is also the rule for decoration.


  • Completely made of stainless steel, slightly pearled.
  • Synthetic strap standard 400mm width or on request.
  • For Prefamac melting kettles 500, 1000 or 2000 litres.
  • For larger kettles or decoration: always tailor-made.
  • With hinged stainless streel grill on the storage tray to prevent objects falling in.
  • Slide under storage tray to determine the quantity of ingredients.
  • Drum motor at the upper side with adjustable speed.
  • Outlet funnel narrowed at the end.
  • Fixed protecting covers.
  • Central control, single phase 50 or 60 Hz.


  • Common control of several machines together.
  • Connection flaking machine Prefamac to the Giraffe.
  • Compressed air connection for powder products.
  • Tailor-made designs for chocolate tanks or other applications.
  • Bigger storage tank.

Ketel en Giraffe