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The industrial CURL chocolate flaking machine is designed for easy flaking of multiples of 2 blocks of 5 kg, to the desired thickness and length. The flaking machines are in pairs opposite each other in the frame. The CURL will either be assembled on a truffle line or connected to a Prefamac conveyor belt or cooling tunnel. For truffle applications, a cascade of different conveyor belts is usually used. These industrial CURL flaking machines are therefore always tailor-made.

Schilfermachine Curl
Schilfermachine Curl
Schilfermachine Curl
Schilfermachine Curl

Our Prefamac Benefits

Real curly flakes!

The flake produced by the Prefamac CURL flaking machine is an excellent flake for a decorative application: always the smooth side on the outside, and as long as possible. The industrial CURL flaking machine can be equipped with various blades, per set of 2 blocks of chocolate, all of which yield different lengths of flakes. The speed of the motors can also be adjusted to vary the thickness of the flakes. The typical CURL shape will then disappear, however.


The motors of the CURL are designed in such a way that a high speed of flaking can be achieved. If higher quantities are required, the machine can be expanded to 8 sets of 2 blocks simultaneously.

Maintaining the Curl shape!

To maintain the beautiful shape of the Curl flake, it is best to cool the flake as soon as possible. Therefore, we recommend to connect the flaking machine directly to a Prefamac cooling tunnel, and to pack the flakes only afterwards.