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The NRJ or ENERGY machine is a modular machine that can be used to obtain different end products. The execution is always in pearled stainless steel.

Here we highlight chocolate drops production. The cooling of the drops will be determined based on the other applications of the NRJ machine, in order to maintain a very flexible machine. The machines are always tailor-made and available in 400, 800, 1200 and 1600 mm width. The desired output will determine the specific implementation.

Decoratie NRJ Drops
Decoratie NRJ Drops
Decoratie NRJ Drops
Decoratie NRJ Drops
Decoratie NRJ Drops

Our Prefamac Benefits

Many different pearls

The dosing units used allow for various end products, so that with a minimal implementation of the NRJ machine, you can already reach a limited range of different sizes of drops. A larger investment allows a multiple of the production capacity or of the formats.

Flat drops or drops with a specific pattern are possible.

Change-over time reduced to 0

Switching from one format to another, or increasing the weight, can be entered by 1 parameter on the PLC. There is therefore no switching time as long as the same chocolate type is used.

Customization and future applications are top

Depending on the desired applications of the customer, a specific version of the NRJ will be developed. This certainly also related to the required cooling. The NRJ is therefore always tailor-made. Future customer wishes will always be limited to an extension of the previous investment, but the previous purchases will never be lost.