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In POWER SLIM cooling tunnels, all kinds of biscuits and chocolates are guided through a number of cooling zones via a conveyor belt and cooled. The POWER SLIM tunnel has comparable specifications to the POWER III, but is more maintenance-friendly. Both the top belt and the return belt are directly accessible under the covers.

All tunnels are custom made. The length of the cooling tunnels is determined by the speed of your transport and the required cooling time of your product(s).

Koeltunnel Powerslim
Koeltunnel Powerslim
Cooling tunnel

Our Prefamac Benefits

Super easy maintenance

At Prefamac Chocolate Machines we investigate together with you whether a POWER cooling tunnel or a POWER SLIM tunnel is best suited for you: for your budget and for your convenience. We aim for satisfied customers, and some products require a lot of cleaning!

With more than 30 years of experience, Prefamac can guarantee you the right cooling for your product. And after 20 years, our tunnels still require a minimum of maintenance, because of their rock-solid construction.

We are TOP in customization

Do you have certain requirements for a specific working height, or inclined and descending cooling units, a non-standard location for the drive, or a very long cooling tunnel at a top speed? We are happy to help you with our experience in co-design and co-creation.

Everyone his or her choice

The POWER SLIM is available in all possible carpet widths: 620-820-900-1050-1200-1300-1400-1500 and 1600 mm. For 400 or 500 mm it might be better to choose a different type of Prefamac tunnel. And do you want to extend your tunnel into the future? This can also be discussed with Prefamac.



  • Complete bottom frame made of pearled stainless steel, and optimally insulated.
  • Plastic covers, white, food-grade PVC rigid foam, highly insulating. Each hood is hinged and can therefore be opened completely.
  • Conveyor belt with knife a both ends, belt scraper and roll scraper.
  • Single or double drive at the tunnel end.
  • Pneumatic steering and belt tensioning system.
  • Separate evaporators or zones, each with their own digital thermostat.
  • Air-cooled or water-cooled system, cooling group(s) semi-hermetic.
  • Convection or radiation cooling.
  • Air speed optionally adjustable.
  • Dehumidification installation according to need.
  • Central control or PLC control