Exquisite chocolate machines.

So many people, so many donuts, so many cookies, so many waffles, so much chocolate. Prefamac builds and designs tailor-made machines to get chocolate and biscuits in the right shape, with the right decoration, for a hundred different sales markets worldwide.
We have the perfect solution for all operations up to just before packaging.

Prefamac Chocolate Machines has more than 30 years of experience with every kind of chocolate or biscuit. We are constantly designing new machines (already over 50 now!). We are also currently working on a new easy-on-the-eyes website, showing all of our machines. And we are also working on a chocolate moulds e-shop. As you can see, Prefamac continues to invest in innovation and digitisation.


Industrial machinery

There is a Prefamac chocolate machine for every operation from melting to cooling. The development and construction of a Prefamac machine is preceded by an entire process. From checking feasibility and efficiency, international availability of parts to extensive testing in all working conditions. Always with particular attention to ergonomics, hygiene and safety of the machine operator. Only this way we can build state-of-the-art machines in ease of use and durability.

Non-industrial machines

There is a Prefamac chocolate machine for everyone’s budget. The non-industrial Prefamac chocolate machines fulfil the same functions as the industrial ones. For smaller volumes, but built with the same high-quality parts as the professional machines that run 24 hours a day.
They are equally durable and easy to use, and of course we offer outstanding after-sales service for these machines as well.

Chocolate moulds

Prefamac Chocolate Machines has dozens of chocolate moulds in its assortment… flowers, fish, lollipops, nuts, you name it. These are available in two sizes: 275 mm by 135 mm or 275 mm by 175 mm. A cheaper variant of the first series (Series 1000) made from cleantech recycled material is also available.

Virtual fair

Virtual fair

Virtual chocolate shop

Virtual chocolate shop