Whether you need to cool donuts, biscuits, truffles, pralines or waffles, Prefamac has the right cooling tunnel available for every product and every quantity.

With more than 30 years of experience, Prefamac can guarantee you the right cooling: the number of cooling zones and the capacity of each, the ideal energy-saving insulation, an air or water-cooled system, convection cooling or radiation cooling, … And also the possible options that determine the ease of use and ease of maintenance.

Do you have tailor-made requirements for a specific working height, with inclined and descending cooling units, a non-standard location for the drive, or a very long cooling tunnel at a top speed? We are happy to help you with our experience in co-design and co-creation.

We have something for everyone in terms of dimensions: 400-500-620-820-900-1050-1200-1300-1400-1500 and 1600 mm belt width. There are practically no restrictions on length, because the speed of your output determines the length of your cooling. For our largest customers, 70 and 80 m length are no exception.

The POWER cooling tunnel, as the name suggests, is the powerful tunnel that is deployed 24/7. The entire middle frame consists of stainless steel and insulated tunnel beds, so that energy savings are optimal.

The POWER PLUS is identical in design, but for confectionery with a lot of crumb waste, hinged doors will pleasantly support the cleaning crew.

The POWER SLIM is even easier to maintain than the other Power family members. Both the top belt and the return belt are directly accessible under the covers.

The new AMBI AIR cooling tunnels are used earlier in the production phase, immediately after the oven. If your cakes, waffles or donuts need to be cooled quickly from 130°C. For most end products this is called a pre-cooling. Outside air is used as the cooling medium, and not gas or glycol cooled systems. The cooling is therefore very budget-friendly here.

In the various types of Prefamac cooling tunnels, the humidity can also be strictly monitored, and the air velocity per evaporator can be regulated. The possibilities are therefore endless, and flexible to future production plans.

After 20 years of intensive use, our Prefamac cooling tunnels still require a minimum of maintenance, due to their extremely strong construction and quality parts used. This is really the best advertisement, because our existing customers return as they continue to grow. The Prefamac cooling tunnels can of course also be used for non-food products, so the questions are very diverse.

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