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This industrial flaking machine is designed for fast and easy flaking of large quantities. Let’s say an average of 200 kg per hour for each product. Industrial 40 kg chocolate blocks or 8 individual 5kg blocks are flaked in 9 minutes (and 2 minutes to return) to the desired thickness and length. The TURBO BLOCK CHOCOLATE FLAKING MACHINE can also be used for flaking blocks of cocoa butter or other animal and/or vegetable fats at a rate of 20-25 kg per 3.5 minutes (and 2 minutes to return). The machine can be connected to a Prefamac conveyor belt or a GIRAFFE conveyor belt.

Turbo Block Flaker
Schilfermachine Turbo voor chocolade
Turbo Block Flaker
Schilfermachine Turbo voor chocolade
Turbo Block Flaker
Schilfermachine Turbo voor chocolade
Turbo Block Flaker

Our Prefamac Benefits


As the machine is extremely solid, a very high flaking speed can be achieved. The Prefamac TURBO BLOCK FLAKER is the fastest flaking machine on the market. By flaking a product before use, it can be processed or melted even faster and easier, which saves our customers a lot of time!

Different nice end results!

The TURBO BLOCK FLAKER can be equipped with various blades, all of which yield different lengths of flakes. It is therefore possible to make decorative flakes or quickly melting flakes, depending on the application. By adjusting the speed of both motors, thinner and thicker flakes can be produced as well.

Top ergonomics!

Not only the blades of this TURBO machine can be moved safely and ergonomically with lifting eyes. The heavy blocks of 20 to 40 kg can also be brought into the machine at a height of 1 meter, by means of a roller system. A great example of ergonomics for the benefit of your team!


  • Stainless steel construction, slightly pearled.
  • Solid construction, which allows intensive use and high speed.
  • Transparent cover for safety and hygiene.
  • The block(s) will not be in contact with any oily or greasy substances.
  • Features two anti-static collection bins for the collection of flakes.
  • Completely automatic, with automatic and accelerated return.
  • Separate motor for pushing blocks and rotating knives.
  • The speed of both motors can be regulated by potentiometers.
  • Central control panel, three-phase execution 50 or 60Hz.


  • Mechanical parts to allow other block combinations.
  • Return adjustment to specific dimensions.
  • Combined control of this machine with a Prefamac conveyor belt or cooling tunnel.

Turbo Block