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Enrober belts

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The ENROBER BELTS of 18 and 28 cm width are designed for coating biscuits, waffles, fillings, … with chocolate, just the bottom or completely on all sides.

The ENROBER BELT 18 is used with the CONTINUA 30 or MOULDING MACHINE 30 kg. The ENROBER BELT 28 is used with the CONTINUA 60 or MOULDING MACHINE 80 kg. When changing the belt, the distribution tray must also be adapted.


Our Prefamac Benefits

A purchase for life

The durability of the Prefamac ENROBER BELTS immediately catches the eye: they hardly wear out. You can rightly call them a purchase for life, and with minimum annual maintenance on top.

Versatile use

Our moulding machines and continua tempering machines can be used with or without ENROBER BELT. If they are connected to an enrober belt, either both the top and bottom side will be coated, or only the bottom side. Special tailor-made distribution trays can still be added, so that only certain parts of the biscuits or pralines are covered with chocolate.

Truffles and coated products

When cookies or pralines are coated completely or on one side with chocolate (get a layer of chocolate), a TAKE-OFF SECTION is always connected to the ENROBER BELT. As the company expands, this can become a cooling tunnel to collect the products and cool them.

When producing truffles, a TRUFFLE TOP (or truffle grille) is added behind the enrober belt. Behind this truffle top, a TRUFFLE TABLE or rotating table is placed to collect the truffles. Several trays are available for these truffle tables. A great variety with a single investment!


  • Frame made entirely out of pearled stainless steel.
  • The products are transported with a grill belt within this frame, while the chocolate flows over them (coming out of the moulding or tempering machine).
  • Standard distribution tray with double chocolate curtain to enrobe both the top and bottom side of the product with chocolate.
  • Adjustable chocolate bath and adjustable vibration function.
  • Speed about 1,8 meters per minute.
  • Transparent hood with heating.
  • Take-off section with paper to produce coated pralines or cookies.
  • Truffle top and truffle table for producing truffles. Diameter truffle table: 90 of 150 cm.
  • Single-phase 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz.


  • Detailer for removing the tails of the pralines.
  • Blower for blowing superfluous chocolate away.
  • Extra bottom tank for enrobing only the bottom side of products.
  • Tunnel top for transition to a Prefamac cooling tunnel.
  • Several distribution trays for MOULDING MACHINES compared to TEMPERING MACHINES