When we speak of cocoa nibs, these are small pieces of fermented, and carefully selected cocoa beans, which remain after roasting and peeling. We also speak of Raw Cacao, because these nibs can also be eaten without question. In Michelin-starred restaurants, the nibs are also regularly used as a garnish.

The new PrefaNIBS machine from Prefamac processes these cocoa nibs into wonderfully radiant top-quality chocolate.
Last month we presented the Prefanibs 30 to the visitors at the ProSweets fair in Cologne.
Our customers mainly focused on the important advantages that this machine combines:

  • Pre-refining the cacao-nibs
  • The refining process that processes the mass into liquid chocolate of less than 22 microns
  • And finally the conching process, also in the same machine

Micron is the measure of the smallest particles or particles present in the chocolate. Less than 22 microns means that the chocolate no longer has any powder taste at all. Any kind of powder is gone. And the use of your raw material -nibs- is 100%, so there will not be any waste.

In summary, we can describe the Prefanibs from Prefamac as follows:

  • A very strong machine to grind the heavy cocoa nibs and liquefy them at the end of the process. Very liquid in fact, as is clear from the photo above.
  • A minimum of screws and open spaces in the design, which means that the machine can also offer maximum hygiene and safety for the user, the end product and the machine itself
  • Electricity consumption is limited to the unit of kilowatt demanded in each production step (and nothing more than this),
  • Totally “no movements are necessary, nor transport “of the ground mass nor of the liquid end product” (from the first machine to a 2nd or 3rd machine as is required in other bean-to-bar applications),
  • And conching ‘the secret of great chocolate’ is also combined in this one machine. The secret of Prefamac, of speed in combination with temperature!
  • In addition, each machine is provided with 2 sets of lids: the closed lids preserve all the perfumes and flavours specific to the special cocoa bean, and the perforated lids ventilate the chocolate as much as possible.
Prefanibs 30
Prefanibs 30

Not to mention, hearing all these positive qualities, the Prefanibs can and will also be used for the production of:

  • Nut creames
  • Ganaches
  • Chocolate spreads

In summary … the ideal machine to produce “exclusive” products, “home-made” or ” artisanal” !!
Reduced in sugar or sweetened with coconut palm, vegan or gluten-free, 90-80-70-60% … everything can be your trump card.

And the CE label here ‘really’ stands for a super safe and almost silent machine! This CE certification is still too often flouted, and we wanted to get rid of this at Prefamac.

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