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In LIGHT cooling tunnels, all kinds of biscuits and chocolates are guided and cooled via a conveyor belt through one or more cooling zones. Due to its limited width of the belt and length, this tunnel is very suitable for artisanal confectionery production.

Theoretically, only the widths of 400 and 500 mm are available. For the lengths, 8 and 10 m are the most in demand. Other models are on request.

Koeltunnel Light
Koeltunnel Light
Koeltunnel Light
Koeltunnel Light

Our Prefamac Benefits

Total machine without assembly

Due to the very sturdy construction of the Prefamac cooling tunnel LIGHT, it can be shipped as one complete machine. No assembly costs on site. Just connect electricity and compressed air and start cooling.

Very smooth cleaning

With the single-jacket LIGHT tunnel, the conveyor belt is easy to clean when the covers are removed from the tunnel. Daily maintenance can be done in a jiffy.

Rock solid

Even after years of intensive use, the Prefamac LIGHT tunnel looks like new. Very solid … something that is synonymous with the brand Prefamac. The plate thickness and leg thickness must meet a certain minimum in order to see this difference with other brands even after several years.


  • Made entirely of pearled stainless steel.
  • Single-jacket but insulated cooling tunnel.
  • Plastic, white, food-grade PVC rigid foam covers. The covers are removable via handles.
  • Conveyor belt with belt scraper
  • Fixed knives on the inlet and outlet side, but can be removable as an option
  • Single drive at tunnel end.
  • Pneumatic belt steering, and mechanically adjustable belt tensioning.
  • One or two cooling zones of your choice, each with a digital thermostat.
  • Direct or indirect convection.
  • Central control or PLC controlled, single phase 50 or 60Hz